Vertical Blinds

Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds are without a doubt one of the best shading solutions for your professional spaces. The slats are guided in the upper aluminium head rail and equipped with weighting plates and spacer chains at the bottom. These stabilise the vertical and parallel positions of the slats.

In addition, our product spectrum includes slats with the following widths: 89mm and 127 mm (designs on request). Vertical blinds are made by a high quality specialised processed cloths, in a wide colour variety. Also they are treated with special fire retardant and UV resistant.

Vertical blinds, which are suitable for wall and ceiling installation, can be operated in a variety of ways. They can be operated by cord, chain, ball chain and rod, and electrically with a motor (switch or remote control)by WAREMA.

Because of the numerous way in which a blind can be adapted to the local conditions, your personal requirements and tastes can be implemented without limitations

They can be located on either side closing the opposite direction, based on both sides closing towards the middle or based in the middle closing outwards.