Roller Blinds

Roller Blinds

The benefit of Roller Blinds lies in their simple application and the ability to make them virtually disappear, allowing total flexibility. Adaptable and flexible,Roller Blinds combine sophisticated technology with a variety of durable fabrics from room darkening to light filtering with a wide range of styles and options.

Their colour range can satisfy even the most demanding client while their endurance due to their specialized treatment guarantees a long term solution for your dream home. All our Roller Blinds have SPC (Solar Protective Coating) that reflects and filters light more effectively than conventional fabrics.

The designs of the current collection and the colour-coordinated aluminum parts make these roller blinds a true eyecatcher – both in commercial buildings and in residential interiors. Specialized cloth (blackout, dim-out) is also available which offers total light blockage or you could opt for our unique semitransparent material which allows view only from inside to outside, thus being able to enjoy your view in privacy. These blinds are mounted using lateral brackets. You can also use a double bracket in case you want to use two different fabrics. Roller blinds can be fitted manual (chain) or electric with switch, remote control and motors by SOMFY)

Roller Blinds Fabrics

  • Solar Protective Coating (SPC): fabrics reflecting the solar radiation and increase efficiency.
  • Black-Out: high opacity fabrics.
  • Dim-Out: fabrics they ensure slight light transparence into the building.
  • Anti-dust: fabrics with anti-dust and stain resistant characteristics.
  • Sun Screen: fabrics enable visual contact to the outside and at the same time offer light transparence and solar protection.


Manual Electric
Min width (mm) 200/300 500
Max width (mm) 1800-3000* 1800-3000*
Min height (mm) 400 400
Max height (mm) 3000 6000
*Depending of the fabric. For openings exceeding the fabric roll, the fabric can be joint/stitched according to requirements.