Internal venetian blinds

Internal venetian blinds

Aluminum venetian blinds are among the first designed shading systems. Constantly evolving through the decades they have now reached the current perfection form.

Our blinds are offered in width of 25 and 50 mm wide. The slats are painted with electrostatic paint suitable for humidity and ultraviolet radiation (UV).

Blinds can be controlled through a choice of manually-operated or electrically driven mechanism via a wall mounted switch or a remote control.

Head rails are made in 2 sizes of 25x24 and 25x25mm for blinds 25mm. For 50mm slats the head rail is 58x52mm.Bottom rails for 25mm slats are 19x10mm and for 50mm slats it is 50x20mm. The head rail, bottom rail, cords and ladder cords can be in colours of your choice.

Our large variety of colors ensures that you will find the right blind for your dream home or office space. You can choose your venetian blind design over 3 categories


  • Classic: wide range of colours with smooth surface
  • Perforated: perforated slat for visibility outside
  • Wood look: wood colour looks


25mm slat 50mm slat
Min width (mm) 190 450
Max width (mm) 2700 4000
Min height (mm) / /
Max height (mm) 3000 4000
Max. Sq.m. (m2) 5 7