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We deliver an extensive range of systems that offer easy and practical shading and automation solutions for interior and exterior spaces.

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Business Growth

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Products & Information

Our Products

We have built an enviable reputation in the shading and automation industry by offering top quality products, latest technologies and innovative solutions. Our products meet all the latest requirements of the market and we acquire all of our products from the very best suppliers in Europe with the highest standards of production. We satisfy all our customers’ requests from new households, offices and warehouses to renovating building sites.

External Blinds

Internal Blinds

Internal blinds are a suitable product to both protect your room area from the sun and add a nice touch to your interior design too. Internal blinds are a simple, effective and inexpensive solution for solar protection and personal privacy. You can control the level of light and privacy to reach your desired standards in a simple way as they can be manual or electric. We offer a wide range of the internal shading systems with a vast range of materials, colors and designs which complement any interior design pattern.


Awnings are the most suitable product application to cover your area, protecting you from exposure to the sun and heat. Awnings can also be installed in front of glass facades to reduce the sunshine glare. Awnings can be retractable or stationary and are made from fabric and aluminium parts. The fabric is a durable acrylic material and the aluminium parts are power coated. There are several types of awnings: articulate arm awnings, cassette awnings, conservatory awnings and vertical awnings. They can be operated with a motor or a crank.

Garage Doors

Garage doors are used to seal an entrance like private parking spaces, warehouses or shopping stores. These doors can protect cars, tools or any other item one might choose to store. Garage doors are made from aluminium or steel and there is a choice of three different types: roller shutter door, sectional panel door or galvanised door, depending on individual requirements. They can be installed on large or small openings and they are operated manually or electrically. Electric garage doors also have a manual override option for power failure periods.

Rolling Shutters

Rolling shutters are the perfect solution to insulate your home from the heat and noise. They can also provide a perfect sunshine blackout which makes them the ideal product for bedrooms. For households, it is very common to install rolling shutters for security reasons as they protect windows from vandalism and burglary attempts. Rolling shutters are manufactured from aluminium profile slats, inserted with polyurethane foam thus minimizing the energy consumption in the areas where they are installed. Rolling shutters can be operated manually by pulling a tape or spring and electrically with a motor.


Sunbreakers are highly efficient and durable external shading systems with a variety of designs. They can be installed in a horizontal or vertical direction or as a pergola. Sunbreakers are made from extruded aluminium which makes them a long lasting product even under extreme weather conditions. They are mobile systems with a blade rotation range to 90 degrees. The usually come in mill finish aluminium but can be painted with powder coating in a wide colour range. They can be operated electrically or manually.

Gate Automations

Gate automation is an electromechanical product used to open and close driveway gates. There are two types of gates in the market: sliding and swing gate operators. The gates are usually operated with a remote control or other user-friendly ways. Installing a gate automation will offer you an easy access to your driveway adding to your daily comfort.

Smart Home Automations

Home automation is a feature which allows you to control all devices and appliances in your house from a single remote, a mobile phone or a tablet. You can control your devices from anywhere in the world and even set up pre-scheduled operations for any appliances you desire. Through home automations you can connect a large number of devices, from shading and automation systems to alarms, lighting, air-conditioning units and cameras.