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Sectional Panel Garage Doors

Sectional Panel Garage Doors

High quality coated steel of European origin panel slats, hard-wearing accessories and a high performance motor produce a superb outcome; a sectional panel garage door suitable for every parking space.

The operation of sectional doors are vertically with a motor and torsion springs, guided horizontally along the ceiling supported with guides on each side. Sectional doors have also an easy manual override operation with an insignificant force lift. They can also be installed only with a manual operation if required.

Panel Material Composition & Technical Data

The panels are quality slats produce by TECSEDO S.A. who is based in Switzerland. The slats used are from the TECSEDO® SAFE group. Their external structure is from pre-painted galvanized steel specifically made to prevent the accidental jamming of fingers or foreign bodies in the joint of the panel, during the closing of the door (according to EN 12604).

They are insulated high-density self-extinguishing, HCFC-free, closed cells, polyurethane foam. The panel thickness is 40 mm (nominal) and they are available in modules of 500 mm and 610 mm and in a numerous coating selections and colours. Due to their strong fabrication panel doors can be installed in openings up to 9 meters wide.

  • Galvanized, polyester pre-painted, steel or aluminium sheet
  • Internal longitudinal steel plates for hinge fixing
  • Polyurethane CFC & HCFC-free foam
  • Lateral scotch tape and rubber gasket
  • Adhesive polythene films (for panel protection)
Sectional Panel Garage Doors

Operation motors

The sectional doors are operated either with a DEXXO central motor by Somfy (France) or with a FORCE side motor from FlexiForce Group (Netherlands). Both are high performance motors provided according to the installation requirements. Both have manual override in a case of power failure and obstacle detection sensors.

Sectional doors assembling material

The assembling of the sectional doors is made with the RSC system and accessories from FlexiForce Group based in Netherlands. RSC (Reliable, Secure, and Convenient) is the original residential hardware set for panel doors with torsion springs in front for panel thickness of 40mm. Is a total integrated burglar safety with universality of parts, thermal efficiency and easy installation. And all of this in the lowest price.