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Aluminium rolling garage doors

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Many people choose to park and protect their vehicles from theft, vandalism or collision, instead of letting them on the street. Aluminium roller garage doors offer safety and easy operation.

They are produced using an enhanced aluminium coil and are filled with CFC-free polyurethane foam, meaning eco-friendly. The aluminium as a raw material of roller garage doors is recyclable, long lasting with the minimal maintenance and cleaning requirements. The outdoor visual contact is prevented while the interior is ventilated. The vision profiles with small plastic glasses light the garage interior.

Aluminium Garage doors are available in various RAL colors as well as in most wood imitation in order to satisfy all architectural applications, traditional or modern. The Aluminium Garage door is operated by SOMFY tubular motors. Also multiple functions like power failure overdrive, remote control and security functions as photocells and safety edge in the bottom rail are provided by SOMFY.