TOUSEK - Swing gates automation

TOUSEK - Swing gates automation

A very large variety of swing gates automation are available to you by Tousek GmbH to satisfy all your needs.

The motors are suitable for residential or industrial use. Also the fitting can can be applied without exception to all the gate openings (wood,iron,stainless steel), and to any weight or width of the gate opening leaf

Also there is the opportunity to choose between electromechanical or electrohydraulic motors. Is up to you to decide the perfect motor for your circumstances


Models/Specifications Slim Turn UP2 Swing X3/X4/X5* Swing
Max. gate panel weight 150kg 350kg 500kg 400-600kg
Max. gate panel width 2.5 meters 3 meters 3-5 meters 1,8-6 meters
Duty cycle 20/day 20day 40% 30 or 40
Motor voltage 12V 230±10% 230±10% 230±10%
Gate travel speed 13mm/s 18.5mm/s 11-14mm/s 10 or 20mm/s
Max. shear force 2800N 4000-6500N 3000-4500N
Travel stroke 330mm 400mm 320-450mm 285-445mm
Max. opening angle 120o 110o 100-110o 110o or 115o
Integr. mech. limit stops / up to 200kg/3m
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