Warema window awnings

Warema window awnings

Rugged technology and proven functionality make our window and facade awnings a true highlight. You can combine the huge variety of fabrics and colours in "made by WAREMA" quality.

Functional and unobtrusive – a sun shading systems designed for vertical facades and large window fronts. A useful detail: the fabric can be concealed behind a round cover panel instead of in a box. The awning collection designs and various frame colours round out the selection.

You can choose your awning from a variety of vertical, facade, zip, markisolettes, drop-arm and canopy awnings, according to circumstances, requirements and taste .

Technical data

Product Information

Models/Specifications Markisollette
Max. Width
  • 400-600cm
  • 400-600cm
  • 250-350cm
  • 250-350cm
  • 350-500cm
Min. Width
  • 75cm
  • 75cm
  • 50cm
  • 50-62cm
  • 100cm
Max. Height
  • 750cm
  • 300-600cm
  • 160cm
  • 300-350cm
  • 200-250cm
Max. area single units
  • 8.5-10m2
  • 5-18m2
  • ----
  • 7.5-14m2
  • 8.5-10m2
Coupled Units Max. 2 units Max. 2 units Max. 3 units Max. 3 units Not possible
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  • *ZIP awnings come in different size boxes according to the order dimensions (11,13,15cm)
  • **Only in combination with Soltis 92 ZIP awning with 15cm boxes can be installed with PVC film if requested but only with Soltis92