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External blinds polysterine boxes (BECK AND HEUN-GERMANY

Beck+Heun External blinds polysterine boxes

Modern buildings are characterised by large window and glass areas and therefore pose a strong challenge to design freedom. In particular, the trend in modern single-family residential buildings is toward venetian blind systems.

Attractive facade design, compliance with energy savings regulations, easy installation and reliable building physics characteristics are decisive factors for modern building systems. Solutions from Beck+Heun offer you a variety of well conceived product systems for virtually every application. The ROKA-SHADOW brand is a perfect shading system with top quality. For all of your projects, whether renovation, plastered or clinker masonry or ETICS facades, ROKA-SHADOW always puts you first for design and execution. Along with sound engineering, it offers you a practically unlimited range of design options

ROKA-SHADOW has an easy and quick installation at early stages of the construction saving you time and money. The box rests 6-10cm each side onto your side walls for support and covered with plaster net and plaster for smooth finish. There is an instant delivery of the product and the boxes come into three different sizes according to the wall thickness.

Technical specifications

  • Material Neopor® λ 0,0032-ΒΙ
  • Material EPS 250 λ 0,0035-ΒΙ
  • Controlled quality
  • Controlled quality
  • Concrete filling bags for fixing on lintels
  • Phonotherm for fastening the venetian blind mounting bracket
  • Aluminium end rail, 23 mm overhang
  • Insulated side frames
  • Suitable for each wall thickness
  • All-side powder coating and profiling for plaster adhesion